Tending God's Perfect Creation. A cut flower farm helping to cultivate the lives of adults with special needs. We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Special Blooms is about cultivating lives, nurturing nature, working hard, and enjoying the beauty of life with God’s perfect creations.

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  • Our loss...

    This is Veda, aka Mom & Grandma Veda. Mom passed away in January of 2023. She was our most loyal and fiercest supporter! We decided to not sell during 2023 because of our sudden loss and all of the extras that go along with that. Thank you again for your support and encouragement during the past year.

  • Planting

    In 2020, we began planting and growing beautiful cut flowers at our farmhome in Elwood, IN. Special
    Blooms, a non-profit organization, uses the process of planting, nuturing, growing, and harvesting our flowers to enrich and cultivate the lives of adults with special needs.

  • Nurturing

    We provide life skills and meaningful employment, along with volunteer opportunities, on our farm for adults with special needs. Everything we sell is grown on our farm so our staff has the chance to do everything from planting the seeds, nurturing them into seedlings, to harvesting, customer service, sales, and bouquet delivery.

  • Harvesting

    It can be difficult for adults with disabilities to find meaningful employment where they feel worthy and proud of what they accomplish. It’s our mission to provide that kind of environment.

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